Meow! Ok, the pony thing was closed down. But that doesn't mean I don't wanna make a clan. So here it is, RandomClan. The way it's set up is the same as NoponyClan, just it has nothing to do with ponies. So yeah. Write in the comments if you wanna join. (Note:This is just for fun. If someone else wants to make thier own clan, that's fine, and I'd like it if there was more than one clan. But no more than five, after five it's confusing.)

EDIT: Here is the rankings. I just copied it from the other blog thing.

The ranks don't really matter, but I'l give you a map of it. There is a leader and a deputy, which may have 1 apprentice each. Next there is the Medicene cat, that may have only 1 apprentice. The med. cat apprentice can choose to have aprentice name or a full medicene cat name. Ther are a unch of warriors and they may have one apprentice each. Then there are queens, that have no apprentice. Then there are elders, which also have no apprentices. When you join us, we will give you a name. You may choose the first part of your name and an available rank. Then the leader (me) will give you the last part of your name. Click this link and choose the your prefix from the row that says Prefixes: If you would like to join, just ask in the comments. (Oh, by the way, I will keep track of who's in this on a sub-page. I will post the link soon.)

Oh, by the way, her's the link to the subpage. I renamed, cause it's now a thing for RandomClan. User:RandomKitten/RandomClan