Ok, earlier today I was watching the long preveiw for "Burning Low". At the end, I broke out laughing. Yes, laughing. It occured to me at that moment that I doubted that the people working on AT would make something way to seriuos. I mean, have you looked their responses on Formspring? Well, I thought that they wouldn't make anything to serious, and that the episode was made to be funny. Like, made to make fun of all those drama shows, and that it wouldn't have a giant effect on AT and that it will go back to being non-serious. I know a lot of people probably won't agree with me, because, well, they just take this too seriously. Or maybe it's just me and I think this because I really think that shipping is stupid (Or whatever ou call it, I really don't know.) and I like to sit and laugh at people argueing over who is gonna be with who. So, yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, oh, and don't correct me until you have proof I am wrong.