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Ultimate Epic Blog Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome... to my secret lair! This is a random blog bost... that is ultimately epic!!

Did you know these things?

1. All the ghost stories on facebook are fake.

2. I'm a random kitten.

3. If you can figure out what this says then you are awesome.

Lfmmp, nz obnf jt SboepnLjuufo.

4. I like waffles

5. My youtube account is JayfeatherTheBlind.

6. My zelda dungeon account is Firestar.

7. I've written a fan fiction about the warrior cats.

8. I own a sock monkey named Sock Monkey.

9. I like writing stories.

10. Majora's Mask is my favorite video game.

Oh, and peoples, this is for fun. I would never reveal any information about where I live or what I look like, though Firestar really is my ZD account and JayfeatherTheBlind is really my youtube account.

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