Ok, I think people on chat are confused about what is advertising and what is not. I just recently got kicked by Fionnathecat because it is confusing. You see, if they wanted you to always PM links to other wikis and blog posts it would say that in the rules. But, you see, it doesn't say that. It says No Advertising. Now, let me explain the diffence between advertising and giving someone a link. If I were advirtising, I would go in linking blog posts and wikis without someone wanting those links. Now, if I am giving someone a link, they would ask for it, and I would give it to them. You see, I was on chat and Fionnathecat wanted to see my marceline theory. So, I sent her the link to the blog post where it was. Now, that was not advirtising, and it was not against the rules. But, ahe accused me of breaking the rules. I tried to tell her the diff but then she kicked me, end of story. So, if the admin here want it to be a rule that all links to wikis and blog posts must be in Private Message, that is fine. But until that is a rule I will not send requested link via PM, because it is not against the rules if the ask for the link.