Just to start this blog off, I would like to tell you that I would love to be Ice King's friend. Now, why? Here it is. Ok, Ice King is so inocent. And what do I mean by that? Well, he isn't evil. He is just misunderstood. That is why I like holly jolly secrets pt.2. See, Ice King is not evil. Evil people do not have hearts, Ice King does. He would hate to see anyone die (Besides actually evil people). He captures princesses not to take over the world, but becuase he wants to love someone. And he wants that someone to love him back. Like, he captures Finn and Jake so he can be their friends, but Finna and Jake just think of him as a stupid jerk. But, Ice King is really just a misunderstood nice person. So, I would be his friend, becuase, I think he needs one. I feel sorry for him, he trys to find love and make friends, but ends up getting kicked in the face. So, if I could ever go to Ooo, I would go to Ice King's castle and become his friend.