Hello! I'm RandomKitten and I think that this wiki is kind of dead. Well, you see, I think that can easily be fixed. We will have things like Ask an AT character, and other things like monthly contests, or polls, or games to play on chat. We could also do something like have a contest to see who can make the most edits in five minutes! Here the hosts (NOTE: These are people that I think would like to host the things, so if you don't want to be a host than we can just pick someone else)

1st host: RandomKitten

2nd host: MCcomics

3rd host: Wookie Worrior

4th host: Happy Smoothie

5th host: Icanhascheezeburger

6th: SaberSworn

Please, feel free to not be a host, and if someone doesn't want to be a host, someone else can take their spot. Right now I am hosting Ask an AT character. Please do not use an already used idea.