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  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is Digital artist and rhythm gamer
  • I am Male
  • Randomced859

    From now on, I won't be used as an reliable anti-spammer due to situation last night. I will let you guys off guard and I've been doing this ever since I arrived here. No offense, but sorry. It's just that I'm not the reliable source anymore and now being strict thanks to one mod.

    I have found the chat ban injustice since Gelato was rude to me and caused me to hot tempered attitude. Also isn't chat ban request aren't allowed here?

    Sorry for the useless blog. Just to inform you guys. (CRIES HARD AND RUNS AWAY)

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  • Randomced859

    I was really disappointed about this event. Being focused to kids and rather teenagers. THIS IS BEYOND UNACCEPTABLE. COME ON, CN ASIA PACIFIC, you can do better that this lump. It slaughtered the fandom of AT just because of this event.

    Anyways, the crowd in this event is 6X the peeps from previous CN events due to the fact that AT is the most popular of the CN comedy trio.

    The following episodes were shown during the event. Censorship may apply here:

    Finn the Human (episode)

    Jake the Dog (episode)

    Five More Short Graybles (Once only)

    Up a Tree (Once only)

    For the games in the event, REALLY DISAPPOINTED. Unlike in the previous CN events in the Philippines. You get nothing instead of having a consolation prize plus only five booths and harder than…

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  • Randomced859

    Yes, it's that time again. Looks like CN Philippines has made the CN summer event of 2013. It will held AGAIN at SM Mall of Asia at April 20, 2013, Saturday.

    This time, I would like to have some cooperation on this event. This is the FIRST Adventure Time event happening on my country. So yeah, I need supporters for this for those who are not from the Philippines.

    Philippine users in this Wiki, I am encounraging you to come this event due to me making a meetup events there and also unite as one to collect those CN premiums. Also take pictures in this event especially the rare appearance of Finn and Jake on that area.

    • Here
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  • Randomced859

    I shall not be disappointed this time!!! Incoming CN event with free admission. Philippine users should able to come since there's no condition of entering this event.

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  • Randomced859

    CN Philippines told me about Finnvassion School event. Here's the list of schedule of what they told me:

    July 20 - Aquinas Blumintritt San Juan 9 - 10 am

    July 24 - Angelicum College Q.C. 9 - 10 am

    July 27 - Colegio de Sta. Rosa Rockwell Makati 9 - 10 am and 1 -2 pm

    August 1 - St. James College Q.C. Tandang Sora 8 - 9 am and 10 - 11 am

    August 24 - De La Salle Araneta Malabon 10:30 - 11:30 am, 12:30 - 1:30 pm, and 2 - 3 pm

    Hopefully some members here study here....

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