I was really disappointed about this event. Being focused to kids and rather teenagers. THIS IS BEYOND UNACCEPTABLE. COME ON, CN ASIA PACIFIC, you can do better that this lump. It slaughtered the fandom of AT just because of this event.

Anyways, the crowd in this event is 6X the peeps from previous CN events due to the fact that AT is the most popular of the CN comedy trio.

The following episodes were shown during the event. Censorship may apply here:

Finn the Human (episode)

Jake the Dog (episode)

Five More Short Graybles (Once only)

Up a Tree (Once only)

For the games in the event, REALLY DISAPPOINTED. Unlike in the previous CN events in the Philippines. You get nothing instead of having a consolation prize plus only five booths and harder than the previous events.

There are four shows. They are 12 pm, 1:30 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm. Each show consists of games FOR KIDS not teenagers. Every show ends up with the appearance of Finn and Jake. Also during the show UGGHH, they spammed Harlem Shake song during the games of each show.

The good news about the event is that AT merch in the country got released except for the legit toys from US. It only comes out with notebooks, DVD (not exactly from US, but made by Viva so obviously has censors), and shirts.

My little rant

I wanted to rant about this event so badly because of the event being focused to kids. I mean come on. You show kids the first two S5 episodes often and they will don't understand. Can you share some good reasons why AT should be kiddie friendly? As I know, AT becomes more deep as it progress. The fandom of it was focused on teenagers and older peeps. So what's your thoughts about it? You can share though in this comment section of the blog.


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