Over the course of my time on this wiki, I have become increasingly infuriated at AT's fandom, so this blog is here to tell you why. I'm going to start wtih the Burning Low Jellies first. Not only was it uncharacteristic for PB to be jellous of FP, but it's really obvious that she wasn't! If PB was jellous, then how come she rejected Finn so much?! Next are the "fans" of FP. 90% only like FP because she is dating Finn, and if they broke up, they would all of the sudden start hating her. The closest I've found to true fans of FP is Prince, who actually gives legitamate reasons to like FP. Then there are the people who still ship Fubblegum and Finnceline. In the case of Fubblegum, not only was this friendzoned multiple times, but it would be out of character for PB to be in a romantic relationship. Another problem with Fubblegum is that it's fans seemingly don't realize that they're shipping an adult with a kid (who, by the way, has a girlfriend), and the ones that do realize it say "6 years isn't that much of an age difference", and use their parents as examples. Finnceline was friendzoned in Go With Me, and both Finn and Marcy PREFERED IT THAT WAY. Now, the PB haters. While there are legitamate reasons to dislike PB, nobody seems to be using them. Instead, they have reasons like "she was too harsh to Finn". They actually hate PB because she friendzoned Finn, and this is made really obvious by the fact that none of this showed up before FP was around, because, before that, they were shipping Fubblegum. I've even heard one (coughBNSFcough) claim that he belevied PB set up Burning Low by detonating explosives underneath FP. Not only would she have no reason to do that, but it's actually impossible. Most of the damage done from explosions is due to shrapnel, and almost none of it is caused by heat. Also, explosions don't burrow down, they push stuff away.