EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! as it says. The Lego Movie is one of the most anticipated movies at this time. It's showing right now and you should definitely watch this if you're a Lego fan(Legomaniacs, Lego nerds, AFOLs, whatever you call yourself). It follows a story of Emmet, an ordinary dude who mistakenly called "The Special." Ever since he touched the so called Piece of Resistance, he has been thought as the ultimate Master Builder(minifigs who create anything at a fast rate).He has been destined to saved the world from the most dangerous weapon in the whole universe.


The Piece of Resistance is just a super glue cap. And since its just it, the most dangerous weapon is none other than super glue.


  • Emmet - Awesome! I'm freaking out!
  • Wyldstyle - Come with me if you wan't to be not-dead.
  • Vitruvius - Old? You forgot experienced!
  • Batman - I only work in black, and sometimes really, really dark grey
  • Benny the 1980-something space guy - SPACESHIP!

I'm not giving spoilers, just ask and I'll say it.