hello again everybody

since there were two AT games that were already released, i'm already thingking of a new one

new features could be added like :

-3D graphics ('cause the first two is pixelated)

-level up things


-multiplayer with team or free for all deathmatch

-customization of your character

-unlockable items and powerups

-epic boss battles (eg. against the lich)

-two to four co-op mode (hehe)

-campaign mode

-connect to facebook 'cause almost every game or app has one

-tutorial for beginners

-coins (not real ones) to buy some things at the shop (in the game)

-most importantly, it should be compatible on psp, xbox, wii u, pc, mac, ios, android and others

i just realized this kinda like fusion fall game on the CN website

if you have any suggestions regarding with this just comments

oh glob, if only Pen Ward can see this he might make this idea IRL