Random blog of random.

Have fun. I went on there, looking for a cute conversation to post on my Tumblr... I found it. c:

_______________ You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You and the stranger both like Dragon Ball Z. You: Yo!

Stranger: Supp!

You: The sky!

Stranger: Is not real.

You: what in the name of Elder Kai

Stranger: Nothings real unless you can see it, when you turn your back, it is no longer there. It's all in your mind.

Stranger: The thought of that being so sends me mad.D:

You: holy cow

You: You are amazing!!

Stranger: Pictures, also all in your mind.

Stranger: So, what's your name?

You: You can call me "Richie." It's not my name, just a nickname.

Stranger: Awesome:3

You: This is quite fun!

You: I was hoping I'd come here and someone would say something awesome, so I could post it on my Tumblr, and..

You: Here you are, friend!

Stranger: Quote me!

You: I will, I promise!

Stranger: My name's Sapphire:3

You: : O

You: Imma call you Sapph, that okay?

Stranger: That's alright man.

You: sweeeeeet

Stranger: Safe:3

You: I am from the skyyyyy

Stranger: But it's not real can't be:3 you're not real!

You: pfffff

Stranger: But, thus meaning you're a cloud.

You: ... I mis read that

You: I misread "cloud" as "clod"

You: what the heck, brain

Stranger: Yes, you're a clod.

You: *cries*

Stranger: Mwahahaha, I have to go soon, it's like 1am and I've got the orthadontist at 9.

You: Son of a gum-chewing funk monster!! Why the froot does all this funny stuff happen to me?!

Stranger: Life loves you:)

You: Forget my life! Always surrounded by miserable, failing, clods!

Stranger: Death to the clods!

You: It's like this Universe just likes to bend me over and find me in the alps, like I'm some kind of slot recepticle!

Stranger: Wowss

You: Well, as far as I'm concerned, these fluffy pigs can have a fancy barbecue


Stranger: Are you American?:3

You: I'm Insane...

You: In America.

You: I am so weird.

Stranger: I've got some pills for that yo if need beeee:3 it's the soda thing really.

You: ...

You: o . 0

You: XD

You: You're silly, friend.

Stranger: Skitsophrenic-bi-polarrrrrrrr, I'll totally send you up some pills to be sane.

You: lol

You: ☼_☼

You: ⊙_◎

Stranger: I'm scared and sleepy.

Stranger: Good night!


Stranger: <3 have a nice life!:)



You: ; (

Stranger: I'm so sleepy manD:

You: I hope I'll find my Sapphire again one day...

You: I know that's unlikely, so...

You: 'Till we meet again!!

You: : D

Stranger: Add me on skype?:3

You: Lol, no

You: My computer can't handle Skype

You: It's stupid

Stranger: Just a thought man n.n and owhhhhh I see, anywaysssss, take care yo!:D<3

You: 。 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 。

You: Goo'bye

You: Look for me

You: Richie

Stranger: On here or facebook or like?:L

You: Maybe...

You: We might find each other here.

You: Probably not.

You: So let's just say "'Till we meet again!'

Stranger: Maybe:3 just maybe n.n

You: : D

Stranger: Until then, Richie. :)

You: 'Till we meet again, Sapph!

Stranger: Indeed:3

Your conversational partner has disconnected.