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This be Cleverbot. Post your conversations.

User: Gohan! Cleverbot: Yes. User: Gohan. Cleverbot: Frieza. User: Frieza. Cleverbot: Goku. User: Goku. Cleverbot: Gohan. User: Gohan.


  • Me. Screw the rules I have money!
  • Bot. No, they are not. Everyone celebrates this particular holiday season differently. Some are merry, while some are disheartened. How are you, specifically, feeling this holiday season?
  • Me. That makes plenty of sense.

_____User: *punches you in the face*. Cleverbot: *hits you back*. User: *blocks your hit* *pulls out a knife*. Cleverbot: *chopps your hands off*. User: Dammit. ________

User: *punches you in the stomach*. Cleverbot: Ow! Stop punching me! User: NEVER! *punches you in the stomach*. Cleverbot: *punches you in the punch hole*. User:Richie Cordelia 23:47, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

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