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TALK - 04:41- 07- 27- 2017

Okay. There are two kinds of signatures, the kind made when you type four tildes (~~~~) and the TalkTextReg kind. The regular kind is easier to do, but the TalkTextReg kind better simulates normal Forum posting, so some people prefer it. They're both kinda hard, even with the signature guide, so I made this little shop.

Oh yeah, and by the way, this is what a TalkTextReg looks like.



- Example seen above.

  • Image: Gimme a URL. Something already uploaded to the Wiki.
  • color: The color behind your name and timestamp
  • color2: The color behind the text you type when you use the template.
  • textcolor: This will be the color your name, timestamp, etc, will be in.
  • textcolor2: The color of the text in the box when you use the template.
  • line: Color of the line thingy.


- Example: Zombie PoodleEach Beat Within Your Heart 00:06, July 22, 2012 (UTC)

  • Image one: The first image on the signature. Something already uploaded to the Wiki.
  • Color of the border: Color of the border. Drrr. I suggest picking a code from here.
  • Text and Colors: What you want the words to be, and what colors each word should be.

And that's all. Request away!