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    So we all know the Mushroom War is a huge plotline in the series as a whole.

    • It revamped the earth, now known as Ooo.
    • Ice King, Marceline, and Hudson are the only known survivors.
    • It was nuclear warfare.
    • It ended when Marceline was a child, with civilization destroyed.
    • A portion of Ooo was destroyed, leaving a crater.

    • It happened in the late early to mid 1900's. This can be assumed due to the fact that Lumpy Space Princess sets the year as 2009. While this was introduced before the Business Time episode, it was still introduced, making it crucial as it is a series plot, most likely thought up during developement. This can also be assumed based on the technology remain's appearance styling large headsets and old fasioned TVs. There also appear t…

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