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  • Ripplebreeze

    I have a theory...

    July 23, 2012 by Ripplebreeze

    Hi! Ripplebreeze here. I was doing what I normally do when I'm bored (look at random pages) when I came across the Ice King's page. I read the part about the Ice King always trying to steal Princess Bubblegum, and that got me thinking: why does he always steal Princess Bubblegum? Why not some other princess? I know that Princess Bubblegum appeared to be the same age she is now when Baby-snaps was young, so I got this theory: Since the Ice King is Simon Petrikov, Princess Bubblegum might be Betty! PB loves science and such, and Betty was wearing a lab coat in a picture, suggesting she was in a field of science or medicine. This is just my theory, I could be completely wrong, but I would like to hear what you guys think!

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  • Ripplebreeze

    One day I was bored, so I decided to draw what I thought I would be like if I were an Adventure Time princess. Right away, I thought Cat Princess! Then I came up with a whole episode, or at least most of an episode, about Cat Princess and the Cat Kingdom.

    Note: Cat people are like half human, half cat. They look human-like, but with patterns (like stripes) in their hair, cat ears, and tails.

    Ok, so here's the episode.

    The Cat Kingdom is being attacked by dogs (not sure yet if they're random dogs or a Dog Kingdom). Finn and Jake go to save them, but Cat Princess yells at them for bringing a dog (Jake) and runs away, since she's terrified of dogs. Finn and Jake try to help them, but Cat Princess won't let them. Jake stretches into the shape he di…

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