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Adventure Time Quotes

Marceline, will you do the honor of getting me the plop out of here?


..Rainicornacopia: The Unabridge Histry of the Rainicorns...?



Listen, man. One day im probally gonna have half-rainbow pupsters, and I gotta be able to share my babies culture.


Dude, as mutch as I would love to go on some crazy made up adventure with you, I gotta read this.


I dont make up adventures! Jake! You know that!


Oh no! Damadged books? WHO DID THIS?


I will avendge the, slighten sore books..


We are the Pagelings! I am Paper Pete, the leader of the Pagelings, but you can call me P-P!

—Paper Pete and the Pagelings

We are the secret guardians of the books in the library! You know those blank pieces of paper in the beginning of books? That's us! We revealed ourselves to us, noble giant, becouse you were polite when you saw the damadged books.

—Paper Pete

And now is our darkest hour, as the Moldo have been turning more bold with every attack! Look at the damadge done yesterday at the battle of the Teddy Bear Jokebook!

—Paper Pete

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