• Robotcop

    Kim Kil Whan Retun

    June 12, 2013 by Robotcop

    Kim Kil Whan have beard of his rapid aging

    this mean all the Jake and Lady's offspring will retun but with

    new desing of all five children 

    • Jake Jr. the same desing of jake the dad
    • Charlie unknow new desing
    • T.V. possible grow wings to fly or not
    • Viola unknow desing
    • Kim Kil Whan has a beard

    • Charlie : unknow
    • Jake Jr. : on last job 
    • Kim Kil Whan : unknow
    • T.V. : unknow
    • Viola : unknow

    my fav offspring is kim kill whan

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  • Robotcop

    season 6 will officially announced that the show had been renewed for a sixth season and this mean

    the movie and season 6 will be in 2014 or 2013

    hmm season 6 is coming and what will be the title of aventure time the movie:

    • the epic aventure
    • the retun of the litch
    • the revenge of the litch
    • the secet of the litch
    • the secet aventure
    • the rebirth of betty
    • the epic war
    • a crossver of fionna and cake and finn and jake
    • the revenge of ice king
    • the death of ice king
    • the son of ice king

    that this the possible movie title

    aslo the movie will take place of season 6 or season 5??

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  • Robotcop

    Marcy is not a human

    June 10, 2013 by Robotcop

    She a vampire/demon dna

    the demon part = Hunson_Abadeer

    the vampire part = Marceline mom

    her home world = Nightosphere_(location)

    Hunson_Abadeer her dad who he a demon

    Marceline mom her mom who she a vampire

    Nightosphere_(location) her homeworld

    see she a Vampire-Demon hybrid

    not a human aslo


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  • Robotcop

    Betty is not DEAD

    June 10, 2013 by Robotcop

    Betty was ice king girlfriend in the past but now she dead or not

    these 3 reason betty is not dead

    1. betty must be princesse bubblegum that why ice king like her
    2. how Marceline and ice king survived the Mushroom War that soo stupid WHY ICE KING DID NOT SAVE BETTY YOU LITTLE AND how Marceline get in earth not her HOME WORLD WITH HER DAD and WHAT finn camm form and how he survived the Mushroom War
    3. betty must survived the Mushroom War

    coment and say at ice king betty is not dead

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