• Robynsilev

    The Evil Pod

    October 1, 2013 by Robynsilev

    The consensus on the episode "The Pods" seems to be that the evil pod contained the piglets. I thought the same my first time watching, but upon rewatching I now think the second pod containing the magical wands could be the bad one. I haven't found anything else about this online, so if anyone has, please do link me :]

    First of all the wands came out of the only thorned, "evil-looking" beanstalk.

    I'm sure most people suspected the second pod when it first sprouted from the ground. Secondly, I feel like it's pretty cliche to suspect the least suspicious person in law enforcement shows, but that may be my own personal thinking. Neither of these things, however, outweigh the fact that the piglets terrorize the town in the end of the episode. T…

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