Fionna,Marshall,Gumball,and Flame prince walk into AAAAAH HIGH SCHOOL.

Marshall:I dont see why I have to be here Im like......1000 years old,remember?

Gumball:Biologicallt,your 15.


They go to there lockers which just happen to be right next to one another.In order be Flame Prince then Fionna then Marshall then Gumball.

Marshall whispers to Fionna:Why does this wad have to go to the same school we do?

Gumball:Excuse me,this WAD has to come because he is your friend.

Marshall:Not legally.

Gumball:What is that suppose to mean?

Marshall:It means......I DONT LIKE YOU.........did that get processed through your geekish brain.

Fionna:Can someone help me open my locker?

Marshall:Yeah,Bubba,open Fionnas locker!

Gumball:ME!I think she meant YOU!

Marshall:You know people cant trust me with their stuff!

Flame Prince:True Story.

Cake:I'll open your locker.

Marshall and Gumball are still arguing over who helps Fionna with her locker.Even though Cake already opened it but their to busy arguing to notice.

Flame Prince:When are they going to stop fighting?

Fionna:In about a minute or so.

Flame Prince:How do you know?