Marshall and Gumball didn't say a word to one another while walking down the hall to the office.

As they entered,they came face to face with a lady with black hair in a bun and a black professional dress.

The lady said:Hi,my name is Mrs.Black,the principal of this fine school.What are your names?

Marshall:Im Marshall Lee Abadeer and this is wad.

Mrs.Black:Real name.

Gumball:Prince Bubba Gumball.

Mrs.Black:Thank You,What seems to be the problem?

Marshall:Well,this...THING...decided to talk crap about me under his breath while I was answering a question the teacher gave me.

Gumball:You didn't even answer it,you sat there and said "Ummmmmm......uhhh...let me think...ummm...uhhh."

Marshall:I still counts as answering it!

Mrs.Black:Boys,Boys,I know what the problem is.Im just going to send you back to class.But I hope I dont see you in my office for the rest of the day.

Marshall:Hey!Why did you look at me when you said it?

Mrs.Black:Marshall,I'v been working in this building for years.I know what a troublemaker looks like.So off you go,back to class.

Marshall and Gumball headed back to class.

Mr.Piccioto:I hope there will be no more further interuptions,And not a word out of the two of you.

Fionna whispering:Word.


Marshall and Gumball:WASN'T ME!

Mr.Piccioto gave Marshall and Gumball an "Im going to keep an eye out for you"look.