So they finished class and went to their lockers.


Fionna:For what?

Gumball:for saying "Word".You almost got us in trouble.AGAIN.

Marshall:Lets hope the next class ain't half bad.

So they go to the next class science.(For veiwers, my cousin Aliyah Lite,has been waiting for this part to come up because of her favorite character in the whole episode.Bubbles.the talking monkey with a powdered wig.Bubbles is evil.But Aliyah really likes him.And she'd kill me If I didn't mention him.)

A lady in a white labcoat said:Hi,Im Mrs.Lite.And this is my assistant,Bubbles.Say hi Bubbles.

Bubbles:S'up,Im Bubbles.I hope there will be no problem or my gang and I will personaly come IN HERE and tear you up like bananas!Yeah...Bubbles.

Mrs.Lite:Is't he adorable!

Bubbles:Yeah,whatever.HEY,Im gonna pick your partners for the rest of the year.Ok,first dude......and..........vampire dude.Just so you know,vampire dude,I don't take crap from vampires.

Gumball:Its salmon!NOT PINK!


Bubbles:And I cant work without life insurance.But look at me now.

Marshall:Ok,but dont expect me to do all the work Gumball!

Bubbles:Ok,.........umm.........Bunny cool wit dat?

Fionna:Yeah were fine.

Bubbles kept picking partners.

Then they did there work and blah blah blah.The class had to end sooner or later.Everyone left and Marshall was the last one out.Just then Bubbles threw a knife at Marshall but missed.