im board!niujbnhbjnkghjnkiohjnhgtbnfdhgihnsfdilgjoi even listening to we are young by FUN.its an ok song."i'll carry you home....TONIGHT!"pandora is hands are also cold.SO COLD!One question for everyone.Does anybody know who Bravest Warriors is.If you havent, go to and type in Bravest Warriors.its my favorite show.It doesnt come on tv.its like a youtube channel show.If you do know them,tell me who your favorite character is.Mine is Danny Vasquez if anybody doent know how to pronounce his last name,its pronounced "Vass-kez").And on youtube,also look up Bee and Puppycat,its also really funny like Bravest Warriors.Now im listening to clocks by coldplay.its 6:10 and im usually not tired that at my dads house over the weekend and im usually not tired till like 3:00 in the morning.[1] This is Catbug.HES SO ADORABLE![2]Danny Vasquez is the one in red.Beth Tezuka (Te-zoo-ca) is the one in green.Chris Kirkman is the one in blue.Wallow (no one knows his last name if he has one) is the one in orange.In 2012 or 2011,Danny got voted "Hottest male Character".