im board again!listening to pandora again!whoever listens to panic!at the disco or My chemical romance or fall out boy or three days grace or sick puppies or avenged sevenfold or 30 seconds to mars , your an awesome person no matter what anybody says,remember that.i cant beleive so many people actually find me on this do you find me.not that i want to be popular,id rather wear guys clothes than be popular (dont want to upset anyone for saying that).although id rather wear guy clothes any day.just speaking my mind and whatever comes to it.theres this guy at my school,his name is Nikko Jenkins,but i call him okkin.he has this deep voice that used to be really high pitched,and i call it the deep nikko in a dance group called C.H.A.N.C.E. and we were in a parad in mcessport,pa (not sure i spelled it right) and im tired and last year we had a show and a month ago we danced at kelly stayhorn theater in pittsburgh,pa for halloween.we also danced for NAACP,an orginization for people i dont now waht it stands for i thinking about writing a song.but i need help so far i got "some people say earth is round,but i think you need to keep your head on the ground.i dont think you should get up cause youll pull the earth with you,i dont want that to happen because i was halfway through.trying to be true.if you dont want that then you should make a living,of the truth,nice, and forgiving"help me!was that good or no.yes.maybe so.