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yah MARSHALLLEE:) yeah for vamps:)

Everybody thinks MarshallLee and Fionna are love birds but for me its Marshalllee and Marceline.For Fiolees pls dont get offended cuz im just blogging:) but for ppl give me reasons of why Marshalllee and Marceline isnt u know.... not luvbirds so ppl wat do u think? watch this movie click this>>>>>>,<


So guys did u know MarshallLee is a littlebit gay.He talks a little girlish.PPL in my school are big fans of adventure time and most of them have a crush on MARSHALLLEE but wen I told them he acts girlish they said EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... and didnt like him:(......but theres nothing wrong with being gay:) its ok aslong as u dont really think ur a girl cuz dats like saying to god that u dont like wat he gave u:( am I saying a lecture >,<!!!!! so........yah..:) MarshallLee is a vampire dats true and Marceline is a vampire they have lots of things in common so wat im trying to say is WHY CANT THEY BE LOVE BIRDS or should I say LOVE BATS:)heheheheeh Im gunna ask u a question If u somehow got transported to the land of Ooo and u bumped into Marceline and Marshallee wat would u say to them and if u bumped into Fionna and MarshallLee wat would u say t them:)

Im asking this to know wat u feel guyz.And I wanna ask ppl who have a crush on MARCELINE AND MARSHALLEE:)<3...............................

Guys thanks for reading this blog>-< cuz this is the end of it thnx:) (P.S watch the movies on the side.)

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