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  • My occupation is stripper at caz bar
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  • RosieHasAHardLife

    How do you know that you’re in love? Is it when you can’t stop thinking about that person? That you would be thrown into a deep dark mood if they suddenly stopped talking to you, even if it’s only occasionally that you do, on a public bus.  That when they do speak to you your heart leaps up and feels like you can take on the whole world no matter what. That waking up next to them is the best feeling ever, even if you’ve only imagined it… Is love the feeling that  you know that you’re meant to be together forever?

    I’ve never thought of myself as the romantic type. I can be strong, have casual sex with the next hot drunk guy and supress these real emotions for T. Even after all this time I still feel that deep down he’ll always mean something…

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  • RosieHasAHardLife

    The best day ever

    December 30, 2012 by RosieHasAHardLife

    It's been about two days now since I finally got to be with T for a whole night.

    It was magical and yet at the same time I felt let down and nothing went as I expected.

    I kept hoping I could catch him in the corridor on his own when he was coming back from the loo but alas, no matter how long I waited it was not meant to be. I just got a few funny looks from RP's brother.

    I think it's him that I've got to compete with, O and T are just too close, I have to befriend O before I can get to T. I can see it clearly now.. but how? On the bus it's too out in the open, too obvious.. I must make plans and hope things fall into place. And soon, i'm running out of time!

    Even though it's almost the new year, I feel that it's just going to be the same, ove…

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  • RosieHasAHardLife

    I went to see a movie today, for copyright reasons I won't say the name, you can never be too careful nowadays..

    Anyway,so I saw this movie that was directed more towards children and even though I'm now a fully mature and responsable adult I just felt that it called to me, the sentiments it held, the good triumphing over evil, it was heartwarming and was a good distraction from my contiouns thoughts of T. It's these times, when it's dark and cold that get to me the most, I wonder what he's doing now, whether he's thinking of me at all. I know in my heart of hearts we're meant to be togther but then I doubt myself and I know he's off galavnting around and forgetting about me, catching other girls' eyes, more prettier ones who don't even not…

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  • RosieHasAHardLife

    Throughout my short eighteen years on this weird and wacky planet I've come across many sites, some beautiful others that just make you go what the hell??

    and my dear adventure timers, this one is unfortunatley the latter.. :(

    I was just minding my own business, singing to myself really loudly when this old lady hit me and told me to shut the hell up, i was reallllly taken aback, like its not what you'd expect from a little old lady, they're meant to be cute and lovely and smile at you when you gallop and dance down the street.

    I'm sorry for such a rant guys, it just got under my skin, I shouldn't let it get to me this much, but i just can't help it, it's in my dna.

    anyway, my back hurts so im gonna go lie down and cry, ciao xoxo

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  • RosieHasAHardLife

    Before anyone hates on me for being so emotional and stuff, just a warning to ignore if you're not into that kind of thing because this is going to get pretty intense (I just have a lot of feelings).

    Ok so it's been almost a whole day since I last spoke to T.

    I mean, I saw him but he didn't talk to me. And I've been taking lots of relationship and love quizzes on the internet to see if he liked me back or not and they all say... 'Maybe'.

    Sometimes maybe just isn't good enough, you know?

    I just want him to love me back so he can hold me and touch me and so I can hold him and touch him without it being weird like last time.

    I think I'm quite confused really. I mean sometimes T talks to me so I think that he likes me but then sometimes he doesn't …

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