I went to see a movie today, for copyright reasons I won't say the name, you can never be too careful nowadays..

Anyway,so I saw this movie that was directed more towards children and even though I'm now a fully mature and responsable adult I just felt that it called to me, the sentiments it held, the good triumphing over evil, it was heartwarming and was a good distraction from my contiouns thoughts of T. It's these times, when it's dark and cold that get to me the most, I wonder what he's doing now, whether he's thinking of me at all. I know in my heart of hearts we're meant to be togther but then I doubt myself and I know he's off galavnting around and forgetting about me, catching other girls' eyes, more prettier ones who don't even notice being noticed. The ones you hate and yet idolise to be like. 

Oh how I want their lips, their perfect fish shaped lips that are ruby red like a ruby. Their legs are super thin and yet don't look freakishly thin like a skellington, just enough for T to notice me and think, wow, I would totally go out with her, but alas, her legs are massive and the thought goes.

Anywho.. that's just how the movie inspired me, I'm not going to give up on what I believe in and I belive that me and T are soulmates, I can feel it in my gut.

Thanks for being here, ATW, I don't have many friends to confide in and those who are there just don't understand how hard it is, it's nice to have somewherer to be anonymous, blend in and yet still stand out for being yourself. 

Oh and I'm thinking of getting my tongue peirced.. T said he found it alluring...

hugs and kisses, Roastie xoxo