Old Sacks gets assaulted by Rubberfruit01:49

Old Sacks gets assaulted by Rubberfruit

Old Sacks gets assaulted by RubberFruit

Old Sacks gets assaulted by RubberFruit is a Video Uploaded by Youtube User OLDSACKS and my appearance.


RubberFruit (I) Battles Old Sacks but Old Sacks loses the Battle Because (I) RubberFruit ate his Sentry, ate he's guitar and destroyed his Toilet. this video is also my apearance.


The Video starts with Old Sacks playing his guitar until RubberFruit Cames and introduces himself and then goes inside The Sentry and RubberFruit's head is shown and saying that he is his sentry and he loves him. RubberFruit Then Eats Old Sack's Sentry and then The Battle stars with RubberFruit vs Old Sacks. Old Sacks hits RubberFruits with his guitar but RubberFruit is not hurted and then The Guitar's Pieces fell down Old Sacks gets alittle fround. RubberFruit goes down when he landed his hat landed on his head. RubberFruit's head grows big and The Guitar 's pieces slides in RubberFruits mouth and RubberFruit Chews The Pieces and Swallowed them to his stomach. and RubberFruit's head gets back to its regular size.
RubberFruit and The Pieces
RubberFruit goes to the Bathroom and destroys the door and sits on the toilet when he pood The Toilet is Destroyed and The Guitar went outside and the Toilet is covered in Poo, Blood alittle, white milk and Black Poo. Old Sacks checks the toilet that its was destroyed and RubberFruit was Standing Behind Old Sacks' back. RubberFruit goes away and Old Sacks get assaulted. thats how the video ends