• SamohtTheSwift

    Card Wars Game

    July 21, 2012 by SamohtTheSwift

    Hey guys.

    This is my first time on the wiki here, and I really like AT and have just watched 'Card Wars' several times. So, I was wondering if anyone here has made Card Wars for real life. If you have please send it to me, seeing how I have searched the web for this thing for a while (one afternoon). If I don't recive one in a couple days, or someone just tells me that they haven't found one either, I will commence the making of the game. I will continue to either post updates (no idea how) while I make the game. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, let me know right away. Hope this works out....

    (btw, my avatar is a mind flayer thoon hulk, for those confused)

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