aka Leandro

  • I live in i live in your mama'!
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is manga artist, youtuber, stop motion creator, lego creator, gamer and crap
  • I am a male wolf
  • Sara14444

    Who Would Win?

    June 10, 2013 by Sara14444

    Hunson Abadeer vs The Lich


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  • Sara14444

    HELLO ALL!!!! I hoped you enjoyed my Minecraft F&J tree house! But im going to make almost every thing in AT! The Land of Ooo! But in Minecraft. :D. To those who love Minecraft, im going to say im almost done with the Ice Kingdom! 

    I'llpost the video once im done!

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  • Sara14444

    Now everybody loves AT? rght? well i decided to make a Land of Ooo in Minecraft. A better one than the other Downlodable maps. Becuz the suck!!! So far ive done the F&J tree house. heres the video i uploaded in Youtube!

    This took me like an hour to make. lol and it looks sexy!!!1

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  • Sara14444

    Me and FW have being thinking about new wolves for FRIENDZ. Fortunately we came up with some.

    first appearence: season 2

    abilities: sonic speed, thunder dashing, causing thunders, super loud roars, flying

    Enemy packs: flame wolves

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  • Sara14444


    September 18, 2012 by Sara14444

    I like the concept art of flame princess but, not every thing. I couldn't help to notice that FP has really fat arms. Why didn't they make normal AT arms? Noodle arms, FINN STYLED!! Maybe that would've made her a much cooler, and hotter (literately >.>) character. Something else i didn't like was that FP has a chubby torso. Why didn't Pen Ward, Natasha ,or the other artist ,and awesome people, make her have a torso like marceline? She would've again looked hotter and cooler. :P


    Sara14444 now understands that FP's chubbiness makes her "cute" this blog is off limits!!!! 

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