aka where's my reverse harem?

  • I live in Genos' Pants
  • I was born on April 2
  • My occupation is certified robot fetishist
  • I am a lady
  • Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

    So a long time ago I made a blog asking for help because I couldn't upload pictures. Well, I still can't upload pictures, or search through the ones that are already on here. Was I blocked in some way?

    Please help.

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  • Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles


    December 12, 2015 by Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

    I can't upload pictures? Is it some new wiki thing or is my computer messed up?

    It says "permission error," does one of the admins have to give me permission to upload pictures?

    Thank you

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  • Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

    have things calmed down?

    I think they have...

    I cannot be sure,

    since I live under this cardboard box...

    (nosebleeding every day)

    wait wot.


    guys lets just all be friends and hug me forever.

    No more drama.

    Drama belongs in Korea. As Korean Drama shows. With Lee Min Ho.

    Thank you that is all~ *runs to Lance Corporal Levi*

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  • Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

    This is a real thing....

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  • Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

    Hey its that special Korean day!

    This is for all yall single people to eat white noodles with black bean sauce, drink soju, and meet other single people!

    Black Day should be a international holiday imho...

    Anyways, CHEERS MATES! :D

    oh and hey I did a thing~

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