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Bloggin Like a Boss

I decided to create a blog, yeeeeeeaaaaaaahh. . .

So, anyone who is brave enough to read any random stuff I might put, I salute you ;D

(under semi-construction)

Personal Experiences

  • Once, I got lost in the woods. . . .getting lost is actually pretty fun.
  • I had a very interesting conversation with a Japanese man. All I did was say KONNICHIWA and he started talking to me, so I said all of the Japanese I know= Hai. (jk, i know more Japanese than that)
  • I have chronic crazy dreams, which I will now document.

Possibly the most stupid dream I ever had was=

I was in college, rowing my way around flooded hallways, trying to find my boss. Then all of the sudden I got a phone call. It was my boss, telling me to get on a plane. 

Once aboard, I was flown to some tropical island with another co-worker. WE WERE LEFT STRANDED! And the island was cursed and alive. 

After we escaped, we were cursed to be invisible and no one could help us. The End.

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