Ever felt that you just don't fit into the fandom? Then here's some tips=

1) Pick a favorite character

2) Shippping!!!!!! (jk if you don't want to)
Dancing candy people


3) R E S P E C T other people's ships. Like Bubbline, even if your not into that, still respect it.

4) You can have your bias opinions on why you "hate" or "love" characters, but if you can't see yourself saying that stuff out loud, don't say it here either  XD

5) Find the best possible AT song to sing in the shower.

6) Spread the AT love! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell that old lady that lives 7 blocks from your apartment! oh and 7) Watch "Simon and Marcy" and "Remember You" together without crying

I hope that helped you. Peace  X3

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