Okay, so far, Peppermint Butler has been associated with Death and Hunson Abadeer, which is pretty cool. I wonder what else he's been hiding?

He wouldn't let the others see his aura, and he STILL hasn't gotten around to eating Finn and Jake's flesh yet. . .

I'm wondering if they'll ever get around to explaining Pep. But.'s past, and if they do, hopefully he'll get his own episode!!

Credit to Cheeze for this info on episodes=

Simon and Marcy


A Glitch is a Glitch

One Last Job

Princess Potluck

BMO Lost

James Baxter the Horse


The Suitor

The Party's Over, Isla de Senora

Another Five Short Graybles

LSP Gets Robbed

Only Wizards Allowed

As of these episodes, it is confirmed:

  • One will contain Tiffany
  • One will contain information regarding FP's enclosure
  • One will contain FP's name (probably the above)
  • One will contain PB and Marceline interaction
  • One will give information on Peppermint Butler
S4 E18 Peppermint Buttler with hand face