aka Serpent or Ser.

  • I live in 'Murica.
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is to play video games.
  • I am a male agent agenda serpent human vampire hybrid.
  • Serpent316

    I am considering Mia the founder considering she's the one to give me this idea in the first place.

    Okay. This is the wiki family for AT wiki so far...

    Flambo the Epic Epic;) is the crazy uncle and 27finnsprincess's bro.

    Puckxkus is the crazy aunt and 27finnsprincess's sister.

    27finnsprincess and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL are the mothers.

    Fluffy105 is the vampire aunt and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL's sister.

    Aurastorm1 is the Half-Rainicorn uncle and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL's brother.

    Odaceus is the uncle and 27finnsprincess's brother.

    Bettypetrikov is the Simon Petrikov of the family. 

    Lucifer is the grandfather and 27finnsprincess's father.

    A hero boy named Finn is the grandfather and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL's father. LittleGhostPrankster is the crazy fairy go…

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  • Serpent316

    That is, if I can't be Finn. I want something you can generally get at, say, Party City, that would probably be interesting and unique and not really sloppy looking. I'm terrible in the arts so making costumes is a nono.

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