I am considering Mia the founder considering she's the one to give me this idea in the first place.

Okay. This is the wiki family for AT wiki so far...

Mia's Generation

Flambo the Epic Epic;) is the crazy uncle and 27finnsprincess's bro.

Puckxkus is the crazy aunt and 27finnsprincess's sister.

27finnsprincess and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL are the mothers.

Fluffy105 is the vampire aunt and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL's sister.

Aurastorm1 is the Half-Rainicorn uncle and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL's brother.

Odaceus is the uncle and 27finnsprincess's brother.

Bettypetrikov is the Simon Petrikov of the family. 

One Generation Before Mia

Lucifer is the grandfather and 27finnsprincess's father.

A hero boy named Finn is the grandfather and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL's father. LittleGhostPrankster is the crazy fairy god grandmother.

One Generation After Mia

AcePhoenix 007, Beemo, RoseSweets, Mjinbuu, Blugo34, SoulSukkur, Iluvadventuretime, PixieHollowGirl5, Fionna The Hero, Freekingamer, Fluffy105, Loveh and Serpent316 are the adopted children of 27finnsprincess and FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL. 

Beemo, SweetPrincess and RoseSweets are married.

Beemo is also dating 27finnsprincess and RoseSweets.

RoseSweets is also the gamer Otaku of the family.

Fionna The Hero is also evil, and tries to possess people while the whole family fails to notice, although her plans always fail.

Blugo34 is also the singer of the family.

Serpent316 is SoulSukkur's real brother.

Funcartfire is also Serpent316's half-brother, the pokémon trainer and the president.

Flameprincess12 is the Honey BooBoo of the family.

Yuman is OS's daughter.

Thefinnlink is the 6 year old brat.

Order Soldier is the family's loyal delinquet.

Thefinnlink is the bratty 8 year old kid.

Two Generations After Mia

Adventuretimegurl123 is Loveh's and Serpent316's adoptive child.


SweetPrincess is the pet cat.

Superxgame is the family messanger cat.

ITzAwesomesauce is the family catsnake.

PrincessBubbleBro is the family basking shark.

CaptainDarvin is the puppy panda.

Princess Bubblegummie is the pet fish.

My Jake Heart is the demon kitty.

Suprsilver is the duck.

TheCreper is the unexploded creeper.

EarlofAwesomeGrab is the magical flying unipig.

Shawn Tiger is the pet tiger.


ElectricMayhem is the hobo the family always finds sleeping in their backyard.


This is Sek's genderbend.

mrbubbles is the deranged sociopathic neighbor that constantly stalks the family while hiding behind small bits of furniture completely unaware that the family knows he's there and doesn't care.

Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles is the chick that lives underground and plots to take over the world with her mad drawing skills, and also everyone's long long long long long lost sister from outer space.

Aqwerz is the one who lurks in the shadows.

VariaresEd145WB is the beyblade sensei who teaches everyone how to beybattle effectively, and has a brother who is the butler of the family.

Nihi The Brony is the camera.

BNSF1995 is the crazy conspiracist hippy.

Hunter Wizard is the loner.

Order Soldier is the family statue. Gummi-Master2 is the family friend who has a friendly rivalry with some of the other family members.

Bigez620 is the the rude yet witty cactus.

Doomsdaynger is the milkman.

WC's are weird newspaper people.

Redzephyr101 is the weird neighbor.

Marcyrulesforever is the one standing in the corner, twitching.

Icanhascheezeburger is the Logic Queen.  Fionna The Hero is also the Bender Queen.

JackTDTS is the brony.

NightHawk9001 is the one who finds this family irrelevant. 

Lawli is the one who likes Heracross.

Vampire King of Ooo is the insignificant piece of styrofoam in fertilizer.

FinnAwesome is the "guy" who doesn't use logic and has a third gender.

Aura Victini and Teratorn43906 are the gamers.

XxXBK27XxX is the teenager who's always making everyone mad and always listening to punk music.

Brozoco is the family heirloom, the pants.

Ecspyred is something really random and insane.

Animatorevil19 is the ODST postman only delivers letters if they spelt 'colour' right, or the person who lives on their Xbox, or the person who stays up all night and then sleeps until lunchtime, has dinner at lunchtime, lunch at dinner and then dinner at 11pm, etc etc

CHolt is the mad scientist.

Gabbro141 is the crazy teenage lady who is mean to everyone except for her 16 cats, spends all her time on Tumblr and eating food, takes baths in macaroni, and cuts the grass at 3 in the morning.


Sorry to put you on the spot Mia! XD Correct me if anything on here is incorrect or if you would like to have something changed.

Some people don't want to be in here. That's fine with me.

NOTE: I'm going to stop adding people on March 1, 2013. Afterwards, I'm going to finish organizing it so it's at least somewhat readable.

ATM, we are the BooBooPetrikov family.