1600 hours

Tree Fort, Middle of Nowhere

Finn and Jake have received orders from Princess Bubblegum to go rescue a princess from the Ice Kingdom.

Ice King has captured a princess, the princess is unknown


Finn: This is one boring day so far. We've done absolutely nothing,

Jake: Yeah....Wanna play Kompy's Kastle?

Finn: Nah. Hmmm.....

Silence for 5 minutes

BMO: Finn, the video phone is ringing!

Finn: Who's calling?

Jake: Yeah, who's calling?

Princess Bubblegum pops up on the screen.

Finn and Jake: Princess Bubblegum!

Bubblegum: Boys, I need you to go on a very important quest.

Jake: [grumpily] What is it this time?!

Finn nudges Jake

Bubblegum: The Ice King was spotted on my tracker with a could-be princess.

Finn: What do you mean "could-be?"

Bubblegum: He was spotted with a burlap sack and flying towards the Ice Kingdom. We are not sure who is in that sack, but we are sure there is a princess in there.

Finn: Don't worry Princess, we're gonna rescue that princess, F&J style!

Jake: F&J style?

Finn: [whispers] That's Finn and Jake style.

Jake: [whispers back] Oh yeah... [yells] Yeah! F&J style!!

Bubblegum: Great. Good luck, Finn!

Transmission Ended

Finn: C'mon Jake, we're going to the Ice Kingdom!

Jake: I hate the Ice King.

Finn: Yeah, we all do. Now let's go!


1630 hours

Ice Kingdom

Finn and Jake make their way to the Ice Kingdom to rescue a mystery princess

We are pretty sure there is a princess captured by the Ice King


Jake: Hey, Finn.

Finn: Yeah, Jake?

Jake: Who do think the mystery princess is?

Finn: Do you think it's Wildberry Princess?

Jake: Could be... What about Turtle Princess?

Finn: Nah, he doesn't like her.

Jake: He he.

They arrive at the Ice Kingdom 5 minutes later

Finn: There it is, the Ice Kingdom.

Jake: Whoa, check that out.

Finn: What?

Jake: Use this.

Finn: Who leaves a pair of binoculars on the ground like that?

Finn looks the binoculars and see Ice King's improved guards

Finn: Whoa, Ice King brought out the big guns for this one. It must be Ice King's favorite princess.

Jake: Yeah but, who is his favorite princess?

Finn: We'll focus on that later, I know a way inside without going through the guards.

F&J find a hole in the ground and end up in the Ice Kingdom Caverns

Jake: Whoa, this place is awesome. How did you find this place.

Finn: I was walking one day around here and fell into the hole without looking and BOOM. There I was, inside the caverns of the Ice Kingdom.

Jake: Cool story man. Now how do we get inside?

Finn: Through here: the air ducts.

Finn and Jake go through the air ducts

Jake: Man, how longer till we can get out?

Finn: Be patient man, just focus. Eyes on the prize, Jake. Eyes on the prize...

Jake: Got it.

Finn: Pee-yew! It smells in here!

Jake: Sorry, wrong timing.

They find the end of the ducts and land in the Ice King's bedroom.

Jake: Alright! Out of the ducts!

Finn: Remember Jake, eyes on the prize. Let's go find the princess.


1730 hours

Inside Ice Kingdom

Finn and Jake have gone through the air ducts and caverns to find themselves inside

The princess is still to be unknown. No clues yet.


Inside the Ice Kingdom, Finn and Jake search through the place looking for the mystery princess.

Finn: Be very careful around here. Any sudden noise can alert anyone. He's got guards and penguins everywhere.

Jake: Doesn't matter, if we see anyone, we can just beat them up and continue.

Finn: No, we need to keep this stealthy, there are guards ANYWHERE and a lot too.


Jake: Oops.

Finn: Jake! What the heck, man?

Jake: I don't know! I...

Ice King: Gunter, what was that? Go check it out.

Finn: HIDE!

Gunter looks through the bedroom and finds nothing

Jake: Is he gone?

Finn: [gasping for air] Yeah. Man, hiding in the dirty laundry was not a good idea.

Jake: Come on, let's go.

Finn and Jake go through the castle for several minutes, when suddenly, a voice is heard.

Finn: Halt!

Voice: Hey!

Jake: What?

Voice: Hey!!!

Finn: Ahhh! LSP?!!! What are you doing here?

LSP: I was going to Lumpy Space for the Lumpy Space Festival until Ice King captured me. You two better free me, or I'm gonna ruin you both! I can't miss the Lumpy Space festival!!!! Free me now!!

Finn: Ok, Ok.

Jake: Why did Ice King pick Lumpy Space Princess. He doesn't like her!

LSP: Hey!

They look around the room for a key.

Jake: Finn, wait.

Finn: What?

Jake: Dude, key hand!

Finn: Oh, yeah......

The lock opens

Finn: There you go, LSP, you're free.

Ice King: Oh no, you're not!

Jake: Oh, come on!

Ice King: How did you get in here?!! I had guards all over the place!

Finn: We got in through your caverns, fool!

Ice King: Whaaaaaat?!!! My castle has caverns?

Jake: Let us out, you donk!

Ice King: Never!! Guards!!! Attack!!!

Finn and Jake battle the Ice King's guards

Finn: Give it up Ice King, you have no more guards!

Ice King: Oh, don't I?

Jake: Ah man! Finn, I've got an idea.

Jake stretches up and grabs all the guards into one big palmful and throws them out.

Ice King: Oh, dear. Well, time to go!

Ice King flies away

Finn: Oh no you don't!

Finn throws his sword at Ice King's crown and Ice King falls down.

Finn: You're coming with us.

Finn and Jake bring Ice King to the Candy Dungeon and Lumpy Space Princess makes the Lumpy Space Festival in time.


2000 hours

Candy Kingdom

Finn and Jake have defeated the Ice King and have brought him to the Candy Dungeon.

Lumpy Space Princess has been classified as the mystery princess and he been set free.


Bubblegum: Great job out there, boys! The Ice King has been brought to justice! I know bestow upon you two, these medals of honor.

Jake: Awesome!

Finn: Thank you, princess.

Bubblegum: And I have one last thing for you, Finn.

Finn: What is it?0

Princess Bubblegum gives Finn a kiss on the cheek

Jake: Whoa.... I owe BMO a lot of money...

Bubblegum: See you later, boys!

As Finn and Jake head home, they talk about the day.

Jake: Dude, that was awesome.

Finn: What?

Jake: She kissed you!

Finn: Oh, yeah, that. That was nothing.

Jake: Nothing?! How are gonna mention this to Flame Princess?

Finn: [gulp;sweating] Uhhhh, I...wont...mention it? he.

Jake: I wanna see how this will turn out.

Finn: Well that's another adventure.