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  • Shadow Demon X


    June 22, 2012 by Shadow Demon X

    YES! as well as released a few spoilers for the new game coming out!

    WOOOOOOOO! Who is ready for pokemon BW2 to come out? I am a huge pokemon fan since I was six! Who is ready!?

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  • Shadow Demon X

    All I do is try to have fun and all I hear is

    "that's against the new CoC"

    "you can't do that"

    "it is technically not allowed"

    >all my freinds are banned or left except Finsprincess

    >Marcalinemay never return

    >all the mods and admins suck and break more rules then the actual users

    >Trolling is misunderstood and looked upon as bad when it is not

    >meanwhile a Fail-Troll has somehow become mod and a fail-mod has somehow become an admin

    (not saying names but you can figure it out)

    The only reason I still am on this wiki is cuz I like Adventure Time. Well, I quit,my love for Adventure time is not worth all the pain and suffering that I hve experenced with my time here.

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  • Shadow Demon X

    well firstly, the new rules are terrible as to go along with the horrible moderators but I have a story to share...

    So I was in chat getting upset and wanted to leave so I asked SS to kick me. he asked me why I just did not leave and I told him it was cuz I had OCD and found it very troubling to leave and would rather be kicked. So he banned me for begging him to kick me and called it spam. But he did not ban me, he mmade VQO ban me to "ave" his reputation. chat is the most evil thing in the world I I hope I am banned permenantly because I would sooner kill myself twice then talk to those idiots again.

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  • Shadow Demon X

    one last blog

    May 8, 2012 by Shadow Demon X

    Normally when someone leaves and means it the people who wonder why they left never get closure. I, out of extreme pity for eveyone on this wiki, leave you this note. This is my 2,577 edit and my last edit. Goodbye.

    "Fear the Demon " 00:23, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Shadow Demon X
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