Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Wiki


This Wiki is an abomination!

All I do is try to have fun and all I hear is

"that's against the new CoC"

"you can't do that"

"it is technically not allowed"

The grounds on which I leave

>all my freinds are banned or left except Finsprincess

>Marcalinemay never return

>all the mods and admins suck and break more rules then the actual users

>Trolling is misunderstood and looked upon as bad when it is not

>meanwhile a Fail-Troll has somehow become mod and a fail-mod has somehow become an admin

(not saying names but you can figure it out)

The only reason I still am on this wiki is cuz I like Adventure Time. Well, I quit,my love for Adventure time is not worth all the pain and suffering that I hve experenced with my time here.

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