Episodes to come

episode 8: Hug Wolf --next

episode 9: Goliad

episode 10: Princess Monster Wife

episode 11: Beyond this Earthly Realm

episode 12: Gotcha

episode 13: Princess Cookie

episode 15: Card Quest

episode 16: Sons of Mars

episode 17: Burning Low

episode 18: B-MO Noire

episode 19: Worm King

episode 20: Who Would Win?

episode 21: Lady & Peebles

episode 22: You Made Me!

episode 23: The Hard Easy

episode 24: Ignition Point

episode 25: Reign of Gunthers

episode 26: Help

&nbsp episode 27: The Lich

The Polls

Every week there is a poll for the current new episode

previous polls:

episode 1--- 2 in 3 people say they love Flame princess, 1 in 12 completely hate her and 1 in 12 have nothing aginst her

episode 2-- people could not decide which short was the best episode 3-- no poll episode 4-- most people are neutrual abot TTxPig ship while some think it is cute, but no one hates it

episodes 5 and 6- the demon jailer was by far the coolest episode 7-no poll