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    I know what Chinese means. I have words:

    • 愛 Love
    • 勇 Courage/Brave
    • 幸福 Happiness
    • 夢 Dream
    • 智 Wisdom
    • 遥 Distant
    • 希 Hope
    • 心 Heart/Spirit
    • 月 Moon
    • 静 Quiet
    • 傳統 Traditional
    • 魔術 Magic
    • 拼 Spell
    • 投 Cast
    • 貪婪 Avarice
    • 同情 Compassion
    • 生活 Life
    • 魅力 Charm
    • 將 Will
    • 明星 Star
    • 施放一個法術 Cast a Spell
    • 太陽 Sun
    • 冬天 Winter
    • 春天 Spring
    • 夏天 Summer
    • 下降 Fall

    Thanks to you guys who love Adventure Time.

    When he sees Jake and Lady Rainicorn. The pups might come. Beemo really loves the signs of Chinese. It has traditional words. He said Xīn. This word was Heart in Chinese.

    "Xīn. Xīn! I found Xīn! It means Heart in Chinese!" Beemo shouted happily.

    "Good, Beemo." Finn demanded.

    "Why did it said Tóngqíng?" complained Jake.

    "It's the sign of the Tóngqíng. The Tóngqíng is a word that was known as Compassion in Chinese. Chuántǒng is Tradi…

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  • Shanell0420

    Candy Zombies ate my pancakes and I need help!!

    Candy Zombies gain weight and ate their servants of CANDY KINGDOM!!! In Finn and Jake's tree fort, IT IS FULL OF ZOMBIES INVADING THEM AND ATE MY PANCAKES!!! OH NOOOOOOO!!!!! I NEED HELP! What if Princess Bubblegum (not a zombie) tries to use a healing serum to bring the zombies back to normal? HAAAAALP!!!

    I need to gain weight but ZOMBIES STOLE MY PANCAKES!!!!!!!! :(

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