Going back to Prismo's lair and through "Jake The Dog" & "Finn The Human" episodes has given me a strange theory that you may not like.....

Here it goes:

Considering the fact we see Farmworld Finn goes a little crazy I start to wonder. Jake is his pet dog and acts normally like a pet would. Farmworld Finn seems to be on the edge of a physcopathe. My theory is that Finn may be in a coma from that expierence with the Lich and is dreaming of a happy time he may never know again. Jake is still his dog,yes, but there is no Land Of Ooo of PB or Marceline or FP. Marceline was an old woman Finn's family knew very well and PB was a girl from Finn's past relationship who was very smart. FP was his new girlfriend and he didn't like it when she kissed him but they were still going out throughout all the odds of being together. Finn's family knew Simon (AKA Ice King) but not very well. The Land Of Ooo and all it's residents are part of Finn's childish dream (Candy people, Lemongrab etc) he is in while stuck in his coma. Finn got in his coma when he was trying to defend his family near the end in "Jake The Dog"

Do you think this could actually work out?