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  • Sherlock murtons

    Ok so this episode was phenomenal and full of controversy.

    Finn got his arm back.

    Finn obviously still has feelings for Princess bubblegum

    Finn kissed almost every princess.

    Also something risque happened between finn and LSP.

    What do you guys think of the episode?

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  • Sherlock murtons


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  • Sherlock murtons

    The Theory blog

    November 10, 2012 by Sherlock murtons

    Whoever reads this know it’s just a theory.

    First phenomenom

    Mushroom war, I beileve the mushroom war was as a result of a nuclear bomb or bombs but if your reading this you already know that. My question is what were they fighting. Evidence of a war is seen in many episodes from wreckage to a soldgier in the background of a picture of Simon and Betty now ice king but never of what they were fighting or a battle (at least that I have seen). Now don't close this once I say this (you've done well so far) but I think it was aliens, aliens which I beleive were rainicorns. You may be thinking you were so doing well till that point but think about it, apart from the UFO's seen in the background of a picture with rainicorn's dad when rainicorn's pa…

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