Why am I here? I'm here because I want to be here. If you have a problem with it deal with it! Like seriously oh well I don't care none for people attitudes!!

My favorite food: Is hamburgers and rib tips. I love hamburgers because their so juicy and you can put almost any sauce on it if you wanted to. I love rib tips because their red, big, hard to chew, and are so yummy.

My favorite tv shows: Adventure time Courage the cowardly dog The misadventure of Flapjack Chowder Bad Girls Club And Etcetera..

Favorite type of music: Reggae, rap/R&B, and techno

The type of people I hate most: Racist people People who think their slick Annoying people Ugly people & last but most hated is fake lying people!

What makes me mad? When people just hit me for no reason. If someone gossip about me. When people try to cheer me up and I just don't feel like having anyone cheering me up. When people think that I'm mean and ask me why I don't like to share. (I'm selfish so what!) I also don't like teachers. They are just a pain in the behind. If I was allowed to choke them out I totally would do it!