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Escape From Citadel Discussion

Hey guys! Have you watched the episode "Escape from Citadel" ? Observe Finn's dad. He's all about selfishness and whatevers. He doesn't really care anout Finn after all. I'm starting to think that it wasn't Finn's real dad. I was expecting they'd be together after the episode.

Now, about Finn's arm. It looks REALLY gross to see the protagonist's arm fall off. Probably, by the next episode, Finn already got a prosthetic arm, like he ever dreamed of.

About the Lich, he was the cutest baby I ever saw in this series. He looks so cute, cuter the Olaf! He looks adorable. I can't believe an ugly, evil, douchebag would become a such adorable creature. He is cuter than Finn when he pooped in a leaf and whine.

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