This iz my fanfic about Lady Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum, maybe it'll get made into a real episode!!!

Princes Bubblgum and hr bestest frend lafy Rainicorn were camed at the Ice Kingdom! “QUICKLY LADY, MY GPS SES FIN AND JAKE WERE CAPTURE BY THE ICE KING!” Sed Princs Bublegum. Then LR spoked in Asian and PB sed “Ise King isnt bery touf” Like a tough person. LR took her tea and gve sum to PB! “Thank you LR i am Vry gratefukL!!!” She sed! LR lookd worry and PB new she was sad becase Jake was missing!!!! “Its Ok! Said PB “Jake noes u luve him!!!!” PB trned on her robot direy and sed “i am Tracking Fin and Jake by implantimg a mall gps trakker in his ear! For just a moment liek this!!!” “i am going to ADVENTURE! in this Cave wit lady and fite the ise King to sav F&J!!!!1” Then LR was worry and sed what if IK tries to defeat them and she said “NO! i shall beat him with my electro super gun witch can defeat anything ever!” Then LR was even more worr and cry and talked a lot in asia language (LOL, I LEFT OUT WAT SEH SAD BECUZ NO ONE UNDERSTANDS xDDDDD) Then PB was all mysterus and sed “lets roll” and they went into the cave but the cave had baddied and PB sed WATCH OUT!” but it was too latye and she lost her gun but LR quickly phased throught the wall ant they was ok! LADY WAS HURT THOUGH!!! so PB had to carry her and she did and they found the Ice king but not finn and jake and then they were scared because Ice king was defeat and they fouht evil LASER EYES!!! and then it wasnt Ice king becuz he was hurt and Ricardio was their and he sed “I HAVE COME TO MARRY YOU PRINCSSS” and he was in a big body he made up and the princess sed “I WILL FIT U RICARDI” WHAT DID YOU DO TO F&J!!?!?!?” and he sed “I defeay them!” and they were zanoidds. so pb gouhg Ricardio and defeated him because she was too super fast for him! she was also too smart and saw his fake body was weak and pulled the arm off with super strngf1 But then they all went home back to the Candy kingdmo and PB made Ice King a fake heart so he was all bettr but then lR was sad and PB looked surpize and Lr sed “JAKE I AM PREGNANT!!!” in englisjh because she speaks english sometimes (lol! I dont know xD!!!!) and then Jake ws sad because puppies are hard work and he is lazy nd Finn said “THANK YOU PRINESS YOU SAVD US FFROMT THE EVL IK AND RICARIDO!!!!!” and everyone was happy the end!!!!