• SirensCall

    Okay, so with the reintroduction of the Mushroom War to the public's eyes,

    I have a question


    On both the Ice King and Marceline's Page, it is said that they are the only two to survive the Mushroom War.


    How does that explain Marceline's Mother and Father then?

    I understand they were based  in the Nightosphere, but at the same time, in Marceline's memory, her father is shown during the Mushroom War, Pre-Ooo, eating her fries.

    How does the introduction of a Father and Mother not explain Marceline being half of the surviving population. Quite a missing piece, especially if Hudson wanted his little girl to run the Nightosphere. Why would he push her into our dimension? What if she started here?

    Then, who is Hudson Abadeer to Marceline if not her f…

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