Okay, so once upon a time the lich really wanted to get out of the time room. He had an escape plan. He moooned prismo and the sight was so unpleasant that he barfed and his stomach acids burned a through the time room and made a portal back to ooo. The lich was bacck and ready for reveng. After a while, he came across grob gob glob grod, they were on earth again for some reason. The lich decided to possess glob, and that lead to something

Unexpected. Glob and the lich transformed into a new being, the glich. The 3 othrr heads seperated from the body and became their own body, wich was pretty much how the original guy looked, but where the faces would have been, thrre r name tags. By this time, finn amd jake where here. they began to fight the lich. The battle was short, and the lich decided to stop possessing glob because the glitchiness was really lagging. He left globs body and decided to possess grod. This made them transform into a new guy too, the Grinch. Except he was huge, the same size as grod. He went to the tree fort and finn and jake follwed. They saw him trying to ruin chtistmas asap by stealing those sweaters and setting them ablinn and jake were made so they decided to stop him. aze. it was a short bu more britual battle of course, but then grob, gob, and glob came with someone, magic man. He was holding something. A copy of the enchiredion. "sorry its in paperback! But yeah im the goodguy now. Go to page 69, it tells you how to beat the lich. Seiing magic man made grod conscious, and to beabroke ffree of the lichs possession. After reading how to beat the lich, they toke action. They were going to make the first move, but the lich pretty much cut the bodys of all the deities in half. So THEN finn and j attacked, and it was by throwing a rock at him. The lich was gone. Just one problem, how will glob and the others get back home? Well they got a bunch of paste, tape and chewed a bunch of gum made it all into a ball and stuck it on top of a helicopter. They stick themselves to the side and let magic man turn it on. They flew, off into the sky that way and into space, back to mars. Oh and magic man was happy by the way. The end.