King Worm title card King Worm promo art

There are a lot of blogs for this episode already, but I do not care. At all. Anyway, this is probably another one of the best episodes. It was fun to watch and it was weird. It was until Finn and Jake woke up from the dream, and I wanted to throw my TV across the room since they were in the same position and location from Evicted, implying that everything after the episode was just a dream. But... think about it. Some characters like Flame Princess and the Earl of Lemongrab will appear after this, even after though they were in a "dream." That would make no sense. It was an awesome episode all together, with all those re-appearances from old characters, odd happenings in the dream, and how Finn and Jake would control it.

Also, did anyone else think of Metroid when King Worm said he was going to consume all of Finn's life energy? 'Cause Metroid was literally the first thing that came to my mind when he said it.