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Sons of Mars

Yes, people. This is really happening. I made a blog. Do a reality check if you think you are dreaming. You know. Because all of you would be dreaming about me since you all love me. 4 people hate me Oh, not everyone. Oh well. Wow. Look at this. None of the stuff written so far had to do with the blog topic. Time to get on topic.

I really loved "Sons of Mars," and it is one of my top three favorite episodes. I like how they brought Magic Man back, and gave him an interesting back story. Magic Man was my favorite character from season one. Speaking of that, I think Grob Gob Glob Grod is my favorite character so far. Not exactly sure why, to be honest. It is also cool that they finally gave Abraham Lincoln an appearance in-person in the series. His voice was funny and a bit hard to understand at the same time, though. I think the episode was fun to watch, and it is the weirdest one yet in my opinion.

Now... time for me to complain about the episode... first off, Finn. He was in space. Making noises. Noises in space. That is impossible. Finn and Jake were also able to breathe in space...? Also impossible. I can understand why Grob Gob Glob Grod was able to breathe, though. He is a deity. There, we have an excuse for him. And how were Finn and Jake breathing on Ma-- oh, wait. The martian city is in a dome. So I guess this also means martians breathe oxygen, and explains why Magic Man can breathe on Earth? Anyway, on to the next real plot hole. Finn blamed Jake's death on Abraham Lincoln, even though it was his fault since he ran in with a chair and hit Grob Gob Glob Grod on the head, causing the deity to drop the Wand of Disbursement on Jake. Why would Finn blame Jake's death on Abraham Lincoln if it was his fault since he ran in with a chair and hit Grob Gob Glob Grod on the head, causing the deity to drop the Wand of Disbursement on Jake? It makes no sense. Also, when Finn and Jake are seen on the martian transporter on Mars, Abraham Lincoln was alive... come on.

I have been wondering before the episode aired why it was airing this early in the season. What can top an episode about the deity of Ooo? Well, I had my question answered. The episode never explains who exactly Grob Gob Glob Grod is, and it never talks about Ooo's religion. Just something about Abraham Lincoln being prophesied to meet Jake. Learning about all of that would have made the episode more fun.

That is pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I guess.

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